- past Special Events

Here is a small selection of the various Special Events that have already been held. All have been fun and if you subscribe to our event mailer you will never need miss another one!

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Late Halloween Fever held from
Friday 25 November 2016 to Saturday 26 November 2016

Checkinn99 will be holding a late Halloween Fever theme weekend Friday 25th and Saturday 26Nov - its an evening thing. Halloween is one of Checkinn99s best fun events and the Thais love all things to do with Ghouls ghosts and superstition- in particualar dressing up. Halloween is thought to have originated from ancient Celtic festivals, when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off roaming ghosts. For us it has a local twist.. we encourage the ghosts to hang around. For those who know the old Checkinn99 parties - it is something not to miss.

Late Halloween Fever

Remembrance Sunday held on Sunday 13 November 2016

Remembrance Sunday always falls on the second Sunday in November. It is a day to remember and honour all those who have suffered or died in war and that no-one is forgotten. Please join us tonight (Sunday 13Dec between 9 - 9.30pm) for a brief but special service at Checkinn99 where along with the British Club Pipe band (Bangkok) and international visiting pipers will show through their music that We Will Remember Them. The ode of remembrance will be read. Music of the Heart band will perform both before and after the service. No reserved seating

Remembrance Sunday

Blues Brothers Theme set held on Monday 22 August 2016

Tonight..Monday 22Aug starting 8pm. We have special guests visiting us tonight - so we decided to dust off the Febros, don the Raybans and put the band together for a special Blues Brothers theme set. If you are free come in and shake a tail feather with Music of the Heart band. You know where we are Admirals pub, Oakwood residence Sukhumvit 24 (next to the Hilton Hotel)...Best arrive before Happy hour finishes at 8pm (no cover charge)

Blues Brothers Theme set

Traditional Irish Music Acoustic Session with Mick Moloney held on Sunday 31 July 2016

Mick Moloney is a highly accomplished, traditional Irish musician and scholar and is performing a two hour acoustic session with friends at Checkinn99 on his end of his current tour. Born in Limerick, County Limerick, he was an important figure on the Dublin folk-song revival. There will be some additional traditional entertainment surprises on the night. No cover charge - immediately following our Sunday afternoon Jazz Jam.

Traditional Irish Music Acoustic Session with Mick Moloney

Re-opening Checkinn99 with Music of the Heart held on Monday 11 July 2016

Please celebrate with us for the soft re-opening of Checkinn99 at the Admirals 24 at Oakwood, next to the Hilton Hotel Sukhumvit Soi 24. 200 metres from the Phom Prong BTS station. Music of the Heart will entertain from 6pm till about midnight every-night - (depending on customers - we may be extending our Jazz sessions on Sundays but please watch our facebook for confirmation) during the soft opening period. We have many things to do still to integrate the two businesses - so please be patient. (Menus, Prices being only a fraction of things still to do) See you there!

Re-opening Checkinn99 with Music of the Heart